Friday, November 12, 2010

thursday night recipe recap

happy monday friends! things are good at the nest. we had a long weekend of celebrating mississippi's birthday; therefore i am a little behind in posting my culinary experiments. thursday night's dinner was a major major success. it originated from real simple (which has been the trend last week), but i tweaked it to give it some kick. as per usual i added a ton of ginger and several dashes of cayenne. so i made chicken tortellini soup and here's how it went:

steps 1 & 2: sliced green onions and shiitake mushrooms in 6 cups of chicken broth. i added salt & pepper and grated ginger and cayenne.
steps 3 & 4: i cut up three chicken cutlets into cutes and boiled them in salted water for a few minutes and also cut up five small organic (and peeled) carrots and boiled them in water with more grated ginger.

steps 5 & 6: i added packaged cheese tortellini and tore the leaves off of some of the remaining stalks (heads?) of romaine. let it all bubble and swirl around together and prepare to be dazzled!

financial breakdown to come!
adieu for now, friends!

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