Thursday, November 11, 2010

financial breakdown of the aforementioned recipe

okay so as i have mentioned before, i have been trying to use a lot of what i already have on hand to make these recipes. however, i really wanted to make that sandwich last night from wheat mini baguette-y things i saw at the shop. but i was a good girl and saved money and made it with the bread i had gotten on sale last week. this all sounds so terribly boring when i write it but whatevs.

bread: had on hand, but was purchased for $3 last week.
turkey cutlets: now, i purchased a package of 8 cutlets and used four. the other four are going to be used at a later date. so i used $2.90 worth of turkey last night.
romaine: $1.99 for a big bushel that i am going to have to finish tonight and tomorrow night somehow. i would have preferred to steal the leaves i needed but...i was being a good girl.
tomato: $1.25 does that seem expensive for ONE tomato to anyone else? it was surprisingly yummy though.
mayonnaise: now, i had some in stock, but as with the soy sauce from last night, don't be afraid to save those silly little packets you get from sandwich shops etc. anyway, a bottle ends up being about $1.99.
goat cheese: pretty much one of my favourite things in the world. i eat it every single day and have no qualms about splurging on this when i can. however, the most reasonably priced goat cheese i can find is $3.99 a package; which is what i have been buying lately.
cranberry sauce: i got the jellied kind only to find out mississippi likes the kind with the actual berries in it. oh well, it worked great on the sammich. $0.89
bacon: i had this on hand as well, but a package of the only kind of reasonably priced turkey bacon in stock at my grocery store is $2.99. regular bacon is cool too as most bacon-lovers already know.

so if you had none of these items on hand and had to buy everything (which i find unlikely because most of these items everyone i know has at their disposal already)...but if you had to buy them all your total would be: $19, however i got out of the store spending only $9.03 ($6.14 if you divide up the turkey cutlets, which i'm choosing to do since it will definitely be used next week).

alright alright, have a great thursday friends!


Adrienne said...

you are the cutest person on the planet. good god. btdonhenley-my word verification to post this sill comment is "burpsa". heh. I'm five.

lulu said...

ahahaha! and snaps for btdonhenley. really good one. my verification word is shortsc, not quite so funny. wah wah wah.

Susanne said...

Lu , that sounds delish ! Keep up that cookin' Luiada !