Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween recap

we didn't do much this year but we had a great time nonetheless. we visited friends and family and started a few new traditions. we were productive and silly and ate a really delicious dinner. here are some fotografias for your enjoyment!

above picture: me dressed as an alien trying to pass as human. you can't really tell but my hair is a maroon colour. come to find out, it actually looks alright on me. whouda thunk?
below: mister mississippi as a pipe smokin' birdwatcher. he spoke either really loudly or really softly all night long because he couldn't hear with the furry hat on. pretty hilarious. please excuse how messy our kitchen is...ahem. moooving on...
frida kahlo the caveman. i took my mom's coworker's 60's 'stache and well...who wouldn't do the same thing? makes you want to paint something or make fire doesn't it?


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