Tuesday, November 2, 2010

don't be hatin'

good afternoon campers! 'tis tuesday. i voted. did you? lemme tell ya, it's hard to find non-partisan election information. i always get nervous reading the amendment information and i'm always nervous after i put the ballot in the machiney thing; that i accidentally voted for baby huey or something. voting is stressful. i digress.
today i have had a good day. a little weird. for some reason i had a really down, self-punishing torture time this morning. fortunately it only lasted a couple hours and now i'm feeling better. a little disappointed in the dip but glad that i'm so stubbournly optimistic that it turned itself around quickly. so here i am, eating butternut squash soup and trying to figure out what to do with my day of the dead people. my little display for them kept getting knocked over and now i don't know where to put them.
now don't be overwhelmed by how exciting my life is right now. i know the glamour and the glitz has you mystified. i'm so mystified i'm going to do the dishes. heh.
adieu for now, friends.

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