Tuesday, October 13, 2009

back in the shack

i took the evening off of all things social to help myself regroup from the vacation; or more accurately to regroup from the housesitting > vacation > bear of a catch-up day at work.

here i am, at the funky little shack... giddy beyond belief, listening to pandora, hanging up clothes, checking emails, loading pictures. what a fabulous night!

somehow seven got funnier and cuter since i left for my trip because when i came home i was thisclose to putting him in a baby bjourn and taking him to work with me (which i always say i'll do and one of these days i will! don't tempt me further).

despite the stress that my horoscope warned me of in regard to work today (which i didn't read until 3/4 of the day had passed and yes, it was once again eerily accurate); i am happy. i am beyond delighted to be home and unpacked. i haven't relaxed properly at home since september 19th! no more of that, friends. this ole hermit is glad to be back in her pretty little shell.

well, lovelies, i missed writing to you every day. that may be silly but it's nice that there is a big hypothetical diary-like ear at my disposal. ew. that could have been described better i think.

adieu for now, friends!

p.s. this is the picture i took of chapel hill at dusk on saturday night.

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