Tuesday, October 13, 2009

she's baaaaaack!

alright friends, i'm back! i actually got back sunday afternoon but have been so out of it that i haven't written anything. so, quick summary:

1. the cowboy junkies show was rad and i got to hang out with a couple of them for a brief, but cool skinny minute.

2. durham makes me want to hurl but chapel hill and carrboro are really fun places to visit.

3. i spent more money than i allotted for this trip but took home some gems (including a new pair of delicious boots).

4. Nana's has the most delicious eggplant ratatouille this side of the mississip.

5. it is a crying shame that we don't have autumn like everyone else does. it was so good for my psyche to stroll through the historic districts (in a jacket!) while leaves twirled around me.

6. driving home 11 hours straight solo can make a girl a little loopy!

more to come, because homegirl has some photos to share!




susanne conner said...

is that a tusk? I am so glad baby girl is back!! I missed ya!

lulu said...

missed you too mama! and yep, 'twas a tusk indeed!