Friday, October 30, 2009

shove a tissue up my nose and call it a day.

*achoo!* good mordig freds. 'tis friday ad ib id hour 36 of allergyfest '09. things i have learned from this little severe allergy attack:
1. turbo allergy medicine and long talks with your boss on the phone at 10 o'clock at night equals awkward. i felt like david hasselhoff in that video his daughter took of him drunkenly eating that burger. ew. except i was eating scalloped potatoes.
2. i can write a bitter haiku before coffee! cool, who knew?
a haiku:

my eyes are itchy
what am i allergic too?
oh yeah, florida.

more to come later. happy friday to all!

1 comment:

susanne conner said...

poor baby, sorry about fla. I hope you feel better soon! honey, keep aunt jane in yur prayers , she is fighting to hang on.