Tuesday, October 27, 2009

pour myself a cup of ambition

good morning friends. 'tis tuesday and i am not looking forward to going into work today. i overdid the laziness on my days off and now wish i had a day off to be productive. i reckon, that's what i will be doing on wednesday night.
i was punched in the gut by the urge to work on some career evolution stuff yesterday. and what did i see when i opened one of my favourite maggies this morning? an article and website devoted to that very idea. don't you love serendipity?
answer the questions at http://www.primarycolorassessment.com/ to find where your "strengths dovetail".
check out "condensed internships" that last days to weeks at http://www.vocationvacation.com/
or go to http://www.self.com/ and see some of the information they have on the subject.
here's to us today!
more later, lovelies!


k.lou said...

thanks muchly for the linkage! you know I'll totally be checking these out -- and we should think again on our readings! holiday presents to ourselves and all that.

lulu said...

oh yeah! we need to do that! and your xmas gift is something i have wanted to get you for a couple of years and it's not big and it's a gift given selfishly. i'd be happy with anything homemade or silly or inside joke-y betwixt us. budgets are our friends!