Thursday, October 15, 2009

jueves. i wish thursday didn't sound like eggs.

good morning friends! thursday it is. tired i am. immune system must use the force and go into intergalactic battle.

i've had a few successes that have nothing to do with the ickies i feel today.

1. i made my first ever crockpot chili last night and it was AMAZING.

2. i had a friend over to share said chili and got lots of visiting in.

3. i bought my step-dad a rad (if not a little indulgent) gift for christmas. i paid a little over what i wanted to, but it is from the forties and pretty darn cool. he's really hard to get presents for!

4. i slept for nine hours (told you i didn't feel good) and though, having weird and adventurous dreams isn't a sure was amusing.

5. i am remaining as optimistic as possible and making note of a few very important things. captain vague i know, but that's just how it be!
enjoy your thursday, lovelies.

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susanne conner said...

sorry we missed the rad chili, sounds great!!! B says I am cramping your style me reading this, but here I am !!! Sorry you feel bad, stay in bed and call if you need anything. B says he loves you.... and me too.