Friday, October 16, 2009

friday of champions

1. been home fighting the good fight (i.e. sleeping and watching movies on my computer) for 1 1/2 days. going a little stir crazy but just exhausted enough to sleep that away.

2. can't believe i'm sick for the premiere of where the wild things are. senor mas and i have been looking forward to this since april. we're going to have to go this weekend no matter what!

3. thai food. thank the heavens for lemongrass, cashew chicken, and dumplings on a night like tonight (and for senor mas who went and picked it up for me...i'm too sickly and stinky to be in public).

4. it's cool out!!! finally!!! it's in the upper 50's low 60's which is a feat in october in tally. so wonderful! here come the open windows and doors (and pneumonia)!

5. here's a little sneak peak at one of the goodies soon to be up on etsy. my fabulous super bazaar (get it?) moroccon/egyptian/elf shoes that i found whilst thrifting about one day. i'm pretty sure they are handmade too. love these little weird pointy shoes. hope someone does too (for halloween maybe!).

i hope your fridays are infinitely better dear friends! i promise more items of note in the future.
adieu for now,


susanne conner said...

hope you feel better soon. Very kind of senor mas.

lulu said...

indeed! thanks mama!