Saturday, October 24, 2009

efficiency expert

good morning lovelies! 'tis saturday morning and i've been up for almost 3 hours already. walked the buddy, walked around the lake, went to the grocery store, went by the shop, now i'm making breakfast and enjoying a truly magnificent cup of coffee.
my horoscope keeps mentioning that i will be in this philosophical place for a while but that today in particular, my decision-making skills in all things pragmatic are a little fuzzy and to hold off on anything concrete. could it be more accurate?!
my head is a great big dust bunny today. something is in there but it's wafting around like styrofoam peanuts. if i were at work this would probably be an issue. but today i am off work and so proud of myself for getting so much done before 8:30 a.m.
i have learned since getting my first solo place, that i truly am a morning person. i love to watch the sun come up and tool around running errands. i especially love it now that it's so dark in the mornings. the sun wasn't up until 7:30, so i just reveled in the cold, breezy, dark morning. so fabulous!
i think one of the reasons my head is so fuzzy today is because i have been thinking about the past a lot lately. no particular reason, just reminiscing. i think it's probably the fall weather. it makes my senses come alive and triggers memories. so, that's where i am today, folks. sifting through the styrofoam peanuts in my head. maybe i'll find something cool...
enjoy this day, friends!

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