Saturday, October 17, 2009

viva octubre!

good saturday friends! i am still a tad under the weather but worked anyway today. i am glad to be home and snuggled up with my little man. the breezes are a blowin' here in tally and taunting us all with the concept of constant cool weather. though, alas it will most likely be in the 80's again here soon...i'm still going to pretend it will stay this way for as long as i possibly can.

tonight i am adding to the etsy store. i have been so slack in updating. i have all of these goodies just sitting around the house looking at me. so on the storefront tonight are the elf shoes i mentioned yesterday, and this awesome little sewing box i found. check it out if you get the time and feel free to email me any suggestions to make the store better (other than just spending more time working on it...because i know that deepdown inside already).

enjoy this flippin' awesome fall weather!!! me? oh, i'm getting in my jamjams and watching movies with seven. adieu for now!



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