Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pleasant nothingness

good morning friends! 'tis wednesday i think. halloween is just around the corner and i have a gourd on my balcony just asking for a new face.
i am in a slightly better place today for one very special reason. i get to be home by myself tonight. i have put off doing laundry for FAR too long and i have it separated into 7 bags on my bedroom floor. guess who needs to pick up a roll of quarters after work today? yeeeah...
seven and i have big plans for the next 24 hours. cleaning and laundry of course, the grocery store, the pumpkin carvin', then we are going to get up early and walk around lake ella together. this will be the first attempt at putting seven near a herd of fugly muscovy ducks but i am hoping that it will be successful.
in the meantime, i will be at work. i hope you guys all have a night of pleasant nothingness this evening as well.
much love!

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