Thursday, October 29, 2009


good morning friends! 'tis thursday and seven and i did our first mama/puppy workout at the lake this morning. he did pretty darn good even if it took us nearly 40 minutes to do 1.2 miles. little bud is pooped. he doesn't even have the energy to play with the ball this morning. but he did meet a lovely standard poodle who thought he was the bee's knees; and he did his best to pee on every pole, trash can, bench, and shrub at the lake, so he has already had a pretty big day. in fact, i'm concerned he's a little dehydrated after all that tinkling.
last night was a wonderful lazy/productive night. we carved our pumpkin (seven gave feedback from the couch while i carved the pumpkin actually), did two loads of laundry, watched practical magic twice (guilty pleasure alert), and tooled around on the interwebs. it was delightful. i am hoping for a similar night tonight as well.
i would rather not go out and do anything at all in the next few nights (even halloween). i have been in a really solitary place lately; but i have already committed to going to a halloween party so i will go and have fun. i think little bud may still be fast asleep by then.
adieu for now,


Adrienne said...

Don't worry- Halloween will be great. Apparently our costumes are a double entendre to some folks. Go figure. My secret word is tasperpe- reminds me of my troubled GI track this week.

lulu said...

i am going to tease you about your persnickity tasperpe from here on out. in fact the term "whiskey tasperpes" is going on a t-shirt immediately.