Friday, October 23, 2009

ramble on

good morning friends! happy friday! i am rather excited that that actually means something to me this weekend for i am off saturday through monday! i am very much looking forward to lots of laundry (that i put off doing last night) and vacuuming, grocery stores, browsing through some thrift stores, washing a certain dirty little pup, and all round just enjoying the days off and the season. maybe senor mas and i could go to my favourite diner and a movie. hmmm...
i have been feeling the need to write lately, so i may just have to roll out the olivetti and hammer away at some ideas too.
i love the possibilities!
i had a rather angsty/existential day yesterday (a few days actually) and thankfully am feeling a little better today. caught up with some old friends on spacebook last night which was super fun. one girl lives in bangkok, another guy lives in massachusetts, another in savannah. it further fueled my fire for a relocation. my horoscope warned me i would be like this for about another month. woah.
hope you are having a beautiful day, lovelies!

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susanne conner said...

puttering is impt to tne psyche. so putter away.