Sunday, October 18, 2009

phone booth

good morning, friends! 'tis sunday. senor mas and i are having one of our marathon food/movie/chill days. so nice! the weather is still delightfully chilly. too chilly to ride on the stella, so says senor mas. oh well, maybe on my next day off.
today there are all kinds of things bobbing around in my head. mostly feelings of protectiveness. perhaps being an only child, i feel that my friends are mine and that no one else can have them but me. this is not an overwhelming feeling but it basically boils down to the fact that i get really protective over my friends if one of them gets wounded by someone else.
i am fairly logical person and realize also that no one belongs to me. but, in my little noggin, i put on my cape and leotard whenever someone insults or hurts the feelings of the people i love. not that i can do anything but be there for those i love. i'm no kung-fu master or jedi or anyone remotely threatening to anyone else. but, i still do my stretches and stand there with my hands on my hips surveying the skyline and waiting for the lu signal to go up in the sky.
just know friends of mine, even if i have to clark kent it, i still want to be superman for all y'all.
adieu for now,

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