Wednesday, October 21, 2009

gut check

what is normal? is there such a thing? are acceptable or tolerable considered to be equivalent gages for "normal"?
i know that i do things differently. i wear unusual outfits and have a fondness for feathered chapeaus. i talk in funny voices, and make up bizarre songs then sing them to my dog. i openly exist (meaning embarrassing and public failures are not foreign concepts to me).
all of this factored in with my background and what is considered "normal" can become blurry. in theory at least.
in reality, my gut tells me when something is not right. i can always tell by my gut. every time i ignore it, things go awry.
so here i am today, fighting with it once again. i am wanting to make something "normal" that simply is not.
*sigh* here we go again!
adieu for now, lovelies!

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