Saturday, October 24, 2009

dream a little dream with me

i have a guilty pleasure to acknowledge. i love all things skymall & hammacher schlemmer.

i can honestly say i swipe them from planes every time i travel. i love the optimism of these catalogs. the promises they make. in reality i understand that 95% of this stuff is absolute crap that may or may not work but is mainly marketed toward people with a whole lot of money and waaaaaay too much time on their hands. but i cannot help but pretend i am one of those people sometimes. i like to daydream about how easy my imaginary life is with all these fabulous inventions at my disposal to make my breezy life just that tiny bit easier.

for example:

when the fortune 500 hubby is at work, and the kids are off at prep school, i would be taking leisurely strolls on my fabulous new england estate; stopping ever so often to spy the fauna of the area or perhaps an incoming yacht on my personal stretch of the atlantic ocean with this lovely walking stick with telescope.
and when i am sitting at the island of my 500 square foot kitchen in my exquisite beach front estate while my united colors of benneton model children are running around with their nanny/personal trainer and my professional chef is making me my 3 calorie gourmet dinner, i play with this; a digital rubiks cube. because life's too short for analog!

adieu for now,


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Jenny Leigh D. said...

ummm Skymall is the bomb dot com!!!! I always take a bazillion pictures on my phone of the catalog and send out mass texts of the cheesy stuff before the stewardesses yell at me to get off my phone...yes I have NO life!