Saturday, October 31, 2009

'tis the season to go a-hauntin' falalalala-lalalala!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! this is one of my favourite holidays and until last night, my usual excitement had waned.
but, now i have hocus pocus and charlie brown and the great pumpkin on a loop on the tv; and weeell, on my quest for the materials to make miss ade's and my costume this year (we are going as rorschach tests), i found a bunch of fabulous decorative things for major sale prices. i decorated my house for fall for $13!! love it!
thanks to ade's patience, the rorschach shirts turned out really great! so, the picture above is seven dressed as Max from where the wild things are; and the picture below is well...what do you see?

until next time pumpkins,



susanne conner said...

i see twin towers with intricate knot gardens on either side with a fountain in the center, or a hip bone.

lulu said...

they always end up looking like hip bones to me too!