Tuesday, October 27, 2009

lu's tues blues

today is a misty, rainy, dark day here in the sunshine state. it makes me want to make grilled sammiches and soup. well, i kind of want that every day.
i am feeling rather "under" today. i am not in a bad mood per se but very thinky. i am craving some time for my mind to spread out. perhaps i will make sure i take that time for myself this week. i need it.
my mind is white noise and a busy subway station. a million different thoughts buzzing around but i cannot seem to see or hear any one of them in particular.
hmmm...family night oughtta help tonight. i'll get a little food in my belly and some visiting in, but i can already tell i will be looking forward to crawling into my bed tonight.
well, 'til next time, kiddos!

1 comment:

Jenny Leigh D. said...

Aww, I know the feeling! Take some time to rest and relax!!