Sunday, October 25, 2009

something to remember- a very short story

It was one of those moments that he knew as it was happening; he would always look back on. The way the light was diffused by the oak leaves and Spanish moss; the deep chill in the air. She didn’t have a jacket so he let her wear his and he pretended that he wasn’t the least bit cold. He knew the jacket would smell like her later. Like almonds and the potions that ladies use.
This was her favourite weather. It reminded her of being a child. She sang folk songs and talked about old t.v. shows. Everything was bright and cold and seemingly new. She pulled the sleeves of his jacket over her hands and slipped her thumbs through the gap where the cuffs were buttoned. She kept feeling him look at her and she kept looking at the ground and the trees.
They walked together for hours.
Of course, years later, he would often repaint that day in his mind. Each time it became brighter, more colourful, more tactile; every sensory experience more intense. She often thought of it as well, when her life had become hectic and she could escape into the peaceful safety of that memory. Where they were always young, and feeling alive happened every day; a place where they are always walking together in the woods.

written by: l. carpenter 10/25/09


susanne conner said...

wow ! that was beautiful.

lulu said...

thank you mama!