Monday, October 19, 2009


hola mondayers. it's well, monday, and i have been a rather busy worker bee. i am at the shop solo today (surprise surprise) and preparing for the hurricane that is decorating for christmas (since i plan on being unavailable the weekend the bosses plan to take this on).
this is day 2 of project "get the store in order" and i am rather proud of the progress i have made.
it is a little silly the sick gratification i get from organizing. so much so, that i am not nearly as bitter as i usually am when i get left to run the store without help.
i had a remarkably irritating woman in the store today asking me all sorts of questions about well...everything. personal, work-related, shopping questions etc. she kept listing cities i should try to move to amongst other things and my variety of hand-waved answers got me thinking about the concept of chronic discontent.
now, i am a pretty optimistic person most of the time but i can't say that i don't expect the worse in a lot of situations sometimes. i think that is my superstitious nature...prepare yourself for the worse because expectations are fickle beasts that go whichever way they choose (and i don't necessarily take disappointment well).
so here i am today. pricing christmas gifts two months ahead of time and pondering the great cobweb-laced pieces of furniture that decorate my brain.
am i really capable of doing these things i imagine? can i solidly stand behind every decision i make? is that why it is so hard for me to make decisions sometimes?
woah woah woah, there! i think i need a pastry. hope there is a lot less static in your brains today, kiddos!
adieu for now,


susanne conner said...

My advice, if I may, to eat an elephant you do it one bite at a time, to think of the whole elephant is a bit overwhelming! Ta da !

lulu said...

great advice! i wish elephants were so chewy though!