Thursday, October 8, 2009


in six hours i will be en route to savannah, georgia thus beginning my long-awaited vacation. come to find out there is a possibility i will get to see cowboy junkies in carrboro if i play my cards right. i'm creating quite the long list of places i MUST go to and am getting rather excited about my adventure.
i have to admit, i'm a little sad not to share it with anyone (senor mas in particular because autumn road trips are our thing) but being an only child, i have no qualms about solo-ing it all weekend long.
i reckon i'm not alone really, not when i have jane honda. she's got new shoes, new brakes, just got the ole superlube treatment, and is relatively clean too. i love the road trip prep.
seven is off with his dad. i am a tad pathetic when it comes to leaving seven for any reason. my little behbeh. i miss him already!! i even took a picture of him this morning so i can look at it when i miss him. ridiculous. i know.
well, friends, for now that is it. any last minute suggestions for the trip, let me know. i am going to try to get online at some point this weekend and post if i can.
wish me luck!
pleasant energy is being sent to you courtesy of lulu and jane honda!
adieu for now, friends!

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SenorMas said...

Aw, I'm gonna miss you but I'm so glad you get to have this vacation. I'll be thinking good good things about you and looking forward to hearing all about your journey. Have lots of fun and I'll be here if you need me to mapquest anything.