Tuesday, February 16, 2010

behold, sleeping beauty.

day three of the nasty funk. i've learned that this is not just a sinus infection but it surely is a bitch; and i'm tired of it. i've been watching/sleeping through old marilyn monroe movies and saturday night live season 3 since i got back from the doctor this morning. my friends and family are being awesome and checking up on me. it's hard for me to ask for help sometimes but i let the ole wall down partly because i'm so damn pathetic it's ridiculous...so my parents brought me all kinds of goodies and a smoothie. another friend has come by with movies and to take seven for walks. it means so much, guys. thank you. i know i'm stubbourn but i really appreciate all the help. i will be hopefully doing a bit better tomorrow (and be a little less caustic perhaps?).
adieu for now friends, healing energies and prayers are welcome. mwah!
*today's pic: the ravishing creature of the covers.

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Susanne said...

sorry you feel rotten, call me if you need us honey. snug in and Martie wants yu to be at home till you're well , so sleep and sleep.xxoo