Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the time traveler's coffee talk

g'mornin'. do you ever wish you could time travel? i don't mean like go back and change something but go back and just relive certain times and places and people. i surely do. of course i have the sort of imagination that makes exceptionally vivid dreams about such things. it's funny because when i am making a memory so potent i know i will never forget it; i tend to have a second in there where i soak in everything i can. just to solidify the memory so i may go back to it later. i had one of those days sunday. i am in a small chapter of those memories right now, actually. where i know in a matter of time everything will be different and i am making a point to appreciate every minute of it that i have.
i know i am also entering into a new chapter. i am about to (hopefully) enjoy the free-spiritedness of my new dwelling and roommate (with whom i see many a laughter-filled evening with). spring is around the corner and with that brings the requisite lime green pollen that is beginning to coat everything in town. it feels appropriate that i am beginning a new chapter as the new season approaches. but, it doesn't mean i won't think back to this winter and all the wonderful memories made therein and yes, yes i will think about traveling back to recapture some of them again. how i could i not?
ah, is beautiful. much love to you friends!
*today's pic: you see that little wayward hair? i get that from my father's father. it personally drives me a little nuts and i'm so bad with photoshop that i left it in but there it is. genetics at work.

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