Friday, February 19, 2010

me and stuart smalley kickin' it at the shack.

happy friday friends! to those of you starting your weekends (and who aren't on antibiotics and can enjoy a cold beer...i'm jealous) be prepared for some of the loveliest weather tallyhooha has seen in a while. for me, i will be working. and i'm not too bitter about it because having been home in a state somewhere betwixt joaquin phoenix on letterman last year and your basic run-of-the-mill zombie, i'm rather glad to be back there. sale days can be really stressful, but they can also be a lot of fun. which today was.

there's one thing that's a little iffy and that's my antibiotics. the label says in all caps CAUSES DIZZINESS AND HEADACHES. they ain't kiddin'. i've been a weeble wobble all day (well, for two days but i didn't notice the warning until today, ha!). it's like i float in and out of totally coherant and having had too much cough medicine, but my body is drunk. what a fabulous combination, right? it'd be fun if i weren't trying to do a good job at work. if i were at a festival or something i'd be making a killing selling these little bastard pills.

i'm stoked about the new living situation and am getting things squared away with that, which feels really good. the emotional stuff is still there, but all day long i just felt like i was too pathetic for my own good and honestly, i have no patience with that with anyone else, therefore i got really tired of hearing myself be upset and had to close the lid on it. sure, i am sad. really sad. but everyone else involved has things to look forward to, they don't want or need to hear about what they are leaving behind. in the end, i just kind of felt like an idiot fo expressing any of it (which i know i'm not, i am completely entitled to feel how i do) but that's how i roll. blame it on the stern country stock i came from, or blame it on the rain (yeah, yeah) but i don't have the time to be so vulnerable and sad. no one is going to take care of me but me. it's a weird realization sometimes, lemme tell ya.

well, that's me tonight. time to go do laundry. later friends, party hearty for the ole lu!

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