Saturday, February 6, 2010

excightening things afoot

hola, 'tis saturday evening and i have kicked off birthday week celebrations by thoroughly enjoying myself today. brunch, fun errands, a movie, and now sitting on my bed resting before heading over to some friends' house for a ginormous cookout.
i have some funny little traditions for my birthday. it's honestly (and perhaps because i'm so narcisstic?) such a special day to me each year. as i get older i find that i have to keep reminding myself that it is and forcing myself not to worry that i'm rapidly aging. ha! but, one thing i do for myself each birthday is pick out a new day of the dead figurine.
last year one was kindly purchased for me because i was a little out of it due to a tragic loss in my family. today though, i walked in and picked out a cool one that i hope will remind me of a goal of mine that i often neglect. there is change in the air i can feel it moving up from my feet and coursing throughout me. it's exciting and a little frightening because i haven't the foggiest what kinds of changes will occur and who they will shape me into. hmmm. so much has changed since one year ago at this time.
well, adieu for now, darlings.

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Susanne said...

I can feel the electricity in the air! Have you heard from Catherine? I hope she is feeling better. Just got back from staying with Memaw and am catching up. xxxooo