Monday, February 1, 2010

february a-go-go

good day friends. 'tis monday. i skipped a post yesterday (much to the chagrin of the OCD ogre in my mind) and am trying not to let it get to me that i only have 30 posts in january instead of the requisite (sheeesh!) 31. i almost want to delete that previous sentence so my neuroses are kept a secret from some of y'all a bit longer. oh well. if you're going to know me, then you're going to know my weirdies. and boy do i have some weirdies.

i had a beautiful day yesterday. lots of driving and listening to music and laughing. it was so much fun that i'm going to ignore the fact that my overactive mind kicked into warp speed by around 8 o'clock and i didn't get a wink of sleep last night. i am choosing only to recall the fabulous points. and it was, in fact quite fabulous. a day in which you realize you are making a fond memory as it is happening. rad. i love days like that!
i find myself fighting...well, myself lately. one hemisphere of my brain is like a mexican wrestler in one of those awesome masks, and the other hemisphere is like go-go from kill bill. a little petite thing in a school girl's uniform swinging that medieval spikey ball on a chain thing. i'm not sure which side is which, or if she is fighting for me or against me but i'm skerred of that little gal. oh but i digress.

today is the beginning of my favourite month of the year. it's 8 days until i am 28 (ack!). there are 27 days until i move out of the shack, and i have five bags of laundry that have formed a union i believe and were in the process of making picket signs this morning as i rushed out of the house to get to work. regardless, i can't help but be excited that everything is heart-shaped, red & pink, and there are tulips everywhere. it's my most favourite time of year!

today is chilly and i am home on my lunch break whistling at the cardinals chirping away on the balcony. they keep looking around like "where is this brain damaged bird i keep hearing?". ha!

aside from the necessary quiet i must give myself this evening, and the laundry i can no longer put off, i am feeling the urge to sit down at the ole olivetti and do some creative writing. a few ideas for short stories have come to me over the past 24 hours or so and it's been a while since i created a keyhole for others to peer into. tonight, (after i take a ridiculously long and hot bath) i hope to make something out of the scrap metal and mismatched shoes that seem to be occupying my mind.

*sigh* your friendly neighbourhood eccentric is doing alright today. encouraging my optimism to step right up and i surely hope you are doing wonderfully too.

adieu for now,


p.s. a big thanks to all the folks who have started joining me for a dose of nuttiness every day. it means a lot to share my world with y'all.

pics: top: today at the shop. thinky thoughty and yearning for home. middle: the lovely scenery i was surrounded by yesterday.

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