Monday, February 22, 2010

good afternoon, kiddos. 'tis monday and i am looking forward to getting home tonight, eating some good food, and planning the move to my new abode. i crammed a whole lot of weekend into one day and now my mind is ready for some peace. peace and organization. ish. the shack is looking rough since the plague last week. i think i may have to put on some music and putter around for a few hours tonight. nights like that are divine, aren't they? i haven't had a good evening like that in a while. think i may even wash the stink off of a certain little pup, that's how motivated i am...well, motivated is a strong word. that's how, um, idealistic i am. heh.

on all other fronts, life is good. i am super excited about the new place, and all that spring will have to offer. it hasn't been a challenging winter, by any means. in fact, it has been an awesome winter. the cold weather has been so incredibly good for me in general; but i am starting to feel the buzz of spring around me. pretty soon the baby geese will be hatching at the pond near my apartment, the days will start getting longer and the sleeves will start getting shorter. life keeps happening. it keeps moving forward. right on.

adieu for now, gotta head back to work.

*today's pic: playing with the funhouse mirror that is hanging above my fireplace.

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Susanne said...

spring must be in the air , because I've got the same itch, if it can be organized, decluttered, given away it will be . xxxooo