Friday, February 26, 2010

organized chaos

hey there kids, it's so friday and i'm so glad. the plague is making an attempt to get me again and i'm adamently refusing it's advances. work is going by incredibly slowly due to a tedious task, but it's all good; and i am currently sitting at the dining table at the shack looking at empty walls and stacks upon piles upon mountains of stuff scattered every which way. tomorrow is the big day and i still haven't been able to procure mass assistance for the bulk of the stuff. i've got a couple of generous helpers scheduled but they can't be here at the same time or this or that and i am trying super hard not to stress (because then the plague will win if i do and like i said I REFUSE!).

i am thrilled to be moving into my new place, but i will be more-so thrilled when all this dust settles and i can make my little nest again. if you have any twigs and feathers bring 'em on over; and while you're at it, bring some guys with trucks that'll work for pizza and beer to my house on saturday. pretty please!

adieu for now,
*today's pics: the simultaneously empty and full funky little shack.

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