Tuesday, February 2, 2010

here she comes to save the day...

gooood afternoon friends. it's another fine chilly day here in tally. i find myself motivated if not a bit scattered. i am getting things done somehow and it feels pretty damn decent.
i got a full night's sleep last night filled with vivid but thankfully forgettable dreams; which meant i didn't feel like i had been beaten with a 9-lb. hammer when i woke up like i have been feeling lately.
last night i had a surprise visit by my lady friend which was awesome and gave me the opportunity to listen and laugh, both of which are good for the soul. then when i felt my funk slowly creeping back in, a chat with another pal helped to lure me out into the night air to go get delicious beers and debate the cinematic merit of the films cabin boy, and groundhog's day (and a happy g-day by the way!).
i can't really tell what mood i'm in today. i go from silly to laid back to super-thinky then back again. you know what? i just decided to kick the super-thinky weirdo out of here for the day. i'm tired of that bitch to tell you the truth. i have too much else to deal with and franky my time is just too precious to waste on analyzing, over-analyzing and feeling sorry for myself. screw that. i feel like giggling and chillin' with a big ole beer and some fine music. maybe ogling some pretty people at some point. i do enjoy those things. my mind is made up and i've counted to ten, dammit. optimism will prevail and happiness is a choice!
on a different note, i am befuddled by what to do for my birthday which is officially right around the corner. i always want to have a theme party but no one ever seems too terribly down for it. and i want to c-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-e and really ring it in right. twenty-eight is a big year. twenty-six was so incredibly brutal, and 27 was about growth. i want 28 to be positive changes all around. i feel it stirring in the energies and it has me excited.
i realize recently that though i think i have whooped some of my odd habits and bad ones for that matter; some are still there laying in wait, dormant and anticipating a trigger. i have been beating the snot out of myself for such things over the past few weeks and even this week. which is ridiculous and there is absolutely no reason for it other than i'm a glutton for punishment sometimes.
the time to cease is now. positive changes, baby. that's the game i'm in. my positive changes girl costume will be arriving in the mail thursday; and yes i will a have PCG badge across my chest and my red undies on the outside of my blue tights. no capes though. capes are so passe. but i will be able to leap tall doubts and fears in a single bound...
adieu for now friends. thanks for tuning in. PCG has to go stretch now for the day ain't done.
today's pic: rowr!

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Susanne said...

happy ground hog day to you lu.had fun a fam night! xxxoooa