Friday, February 19, 2010

sip, sip aahhhhhhhhhh.

good morning friends. yes, i am alive. yes, i am coherent. no, i am not the silly little sad sack i was yesterday. i am about to have my first cup of coffee in a week. i am moving slower than molasses in january and (of course) i'm already running late for work.

i had a wild night's sleep filled with dreams about well, about a million different things including colouring my friend's and his daughter's hair blue with kool-aid.

i am in a better place today...well, i'd say more of a different place. i'm craving order which is amusing because i've been so slack at the shack for over a month that it's funny i should want it now that i have to move and disassemble everything.

the living situation is basically figured out and now i want to go over to the new room du jour, get the measurements and figure out how much furniture i can take and how much i will have to store. thus determining how much money a month i will be spending on storage. ish. can't believe i'm about to do the whole storage unit thing again. no worries though. i'm happy to have secured a new situation thanks to the courtesy of a dearheart friend.

well, kids. i wish i had more to say this morning. i'm still inching along as if i could stay in bed all day and well, let's face it...this week, that's been done to death.

adieu for now (wish me luck at work, because i'm not all there today and it's a sale day!),


*today's pic: nectar of the gods close at hand. plus you do NOT want to see the bags under these eyes this morning. did i foret to mention that i got those for my 28th birthday? mmmm, lovely!

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