Thursday, February 25, 2010

gypsy snails

woah nelly, it is a bit frigid here this morning and as per usual, i'm loving it. i had a great night last night packing away and sitting in front of my fireplace (which i can only use maybe once more before i move). i have certainly been spoiled by having a fireplace this winter.

yesterday i procured my storage unit and for the next three days i will be filling it with my life's accumulations. tonight, you guessed it, i will be packing and making trips to the storage unit in little ole jane honda. i learned last evening just how little i can fit in jane and just how little i can carry by myself. oi.

i'm getting to that weird place in packing where i have started putting away dishes and silverware, glasses and coffee cups etc. you know, the basic stuff that you use daily. it's kind of hilarious too that i seriously sit and think about which casserole dishes i will take (the turquoise ones) and which i will pack (the other four i have); which coffee cups i will want to use for the next 6 months (the greek ones) and which ones i will stow away (the other 25 coffee cups i own).

as annoying as moving can be, i have always kind of liked it. blame it on the gypsy blood my dad says i have. i love having a home but i love to move that home around, like a snail or a turtle, and i'm about that slow today too. heh.

if i didn't have to go to work today i would be holed up all day with a fire in the fireplace, great music on pandora and a roll of packing tape in hand. the stacks of boxes are getting so tall and precarious that it's getting hard to move around the shack. it's wild. i'm going to miss this little corner of the universe, but i am really looking forward to what is next.

oh! on an update note: my gal pal has finally squared away all the necessary things for her big move to new york. the call came in yesterday that she got the job she wanted so, in seventeen days she will be leaving this little city for the bigg'un. congratulations, friend!

i reckon that is all for now, john prine is singing to me and i gotsta get my hair did before work.

adieu for now,

*today's pic: more morning sunlight behind my apartment. it's so specific to this place. i will miss seeing that every day.

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