Thursday, February 11, 2010

just stuff basically...

it is a balmy 43 degrees here in tallavegas today. everyone seems to be over the cold snaps but i love it. i had a most delightful fire in the ole fireplace last night and i'ma making another one tonight. i nearly made one this morning actually, when i burned my breakfast. ish kabibble. the shack smells like incinerated soy products...yum.

yesterday seven somehow managed to pop the "s" key off of my keyboard and i am having quite the time getting it back on there. in the meantime, my keyboard looks like a first grader missing a front tooth. heh.

i am doing well today. feeling a little more relaxed about things even though i dreamed about apartment hunting this morning and it was not only frustrating but a little depressing. the bathrooms in the dream studio apartments were filthy. ha! wonder what that is supposed to signify.

anyway, i'm feeling super lowkey tonight, a little thinky but in a decent mood nonetheless. i'm a little sad about leaving the shack, my first ever home by myself. i'm hoping that a situation that has manifested itself will come to fruition and that i will be able to get all the things done that i need to in time. i don't like stressing so much. blech.

the plan for today? work a few more hours, come home, make some tasty dinner, pop in a dvd and clean the shack a bit more. the more organized i am at home, the less overwhelmed i am in other facets of my life. i reckon that's probably true for everyone.

i sure wish i had some hilarious anecdotes to share with you guys today but i'm plum out. still recovering from having a boatload of fun the past few days.

oh, but 28 is awesome thus far and i am excited to see fabulous things happening for important people in my life as well as for little ole me.

i reckon i ought to get to eatin' my lunch and get back to work. pout. i miss my long, involved and remotely interesting posts. must remedy that soon.

here's to you today friends!

adieu for now,


*today's pic: my collection of day of the dead figurines, because the pic i took several days ago mysteriously disappeared from my camera. the newest one is the lady in the sequined gown with the microphone. wonder why i picked that one. hmmm.

*yesterday's pic: i really like my new blue hat. and yes, my ceiling fan really is that filthy.

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Susanne said...

hello honey ,Please don't mention ceiling fans, I never look up , but should. Have a great day honey and we'll have dinner at 7 .xxoo