Friday, February 5, 2010


good afternoon friends! 'tis friday and the bottom done fell out of the sky today. rain rain rain. you know what that means? that's right, soup and cheese toast. ha! it wasn't what i expected to come out of my head first either.

little man is rolling on the floor. i've got adele singing a bob dylan cover that is rather lovely. the shack looks awesome. i cleaned for several hours last night before cuddling up into bed with a glass of wine and a ro-co. yes, once in a while i do act like i'm starring in a bette midler movie. i even had a candle lit. heh.

i am counting down the hours until i come home tonight. i am going to be escorting my gal pal to a dinner and i am very much looking forward to some excellent chill time with her and her family friends.

other than that my mind and my schedule are remotely clear. well, other than apartment hunting. there's always something rattling around up there, i reckon.
i hope your day is calm and lovely too friends.

adieu for now, lu
*today's pic: a little Q time with the buddy. what a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.

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