Thursday, February 4, 2010

there should be a lighthouse in my head.

howdy folks. it's thursday night and me and the little man are going to roll up our sleeves and clean the house. well, seven doesn't have sleeves...or thumbs to aid in the rolling up of said sleeves for that matter. so, i reckon it'll just be me tackling the piles of clothes and dishes.
it's been a good day. thus far uneventful which is great because though my mood is fantastic, i feel like a bit of a space cadet. only one ear at a time seem to be accepting sounds or information; and it feels like my imagination is taking a really long meandering walk. i guess that's a good thing. perhaps i can utilize this headspace. i think i'm going to stop writing now and get to work at the shack. words are not coming to me very easily tonight. that's a first, heh. ish kabibble, i knew i shouldn't have followed that damn pocket-watch totin' rabbit.

adieu for now, darlings.
*today's pic: distracted once again by something pretty.

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