Saturday, February 20, 2010

it's a choice, man.

i was about to write the pissiest complainy post because of a minor annoyance, but this is what's up instead.

it is a beautiful saturday afternoon.

i do not have the plague anymore.

i have an adorable pup sniffing around on the balcony, keeping tabs on nature for me.

i am done with work for the day.

i have a day off tomorrow.

my hair looks pretty cute.

i am not wrongly accused of any crimes.

while we're at it, i am not accused of any crimes in general that i know of.

i am not under any religious persecution.

i was not shipwrecked for days on end.

i am not britney spears.

i am not paula abdul.

i have use and control over most, if not all of my faculties.

i got two loads of laundry done last night.

i have clothes that fit (they may be falling apart but they fit).

i have a really loud, awesome laugh and i use it regularly.

i have the ability to choose happiness.

rad, right?

adieu for now,


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