Wednesday, February 17, 2010

why should i be so afraid of zombies when i am one?

good afternoon people. i would like to thank theraflu for knocking me out for about 11 hours last night. i woke up this morning/early afternoon after the weirdest dreams about a haunted house with moaning windows and a 1950's prefab that looked like a combo of a B52's video and Pee-Wee's Playhouse amongst many other things. i'm still loopy as heck but i think that knockout sleep helped push me over toward the land of the living.
i've had a lot of time to sit and think about things. well, things other than "i feel like i'm dying". so here's a list (of course!).

1. i HAVE to get rid of all the accumulated recycling at my house. my parents even took two bags (i think out of absolute disgust as to how my apartment looked since being holed up in plague mode for three and half days). i don't know where i'm going to take it but it has to get out of here, it's clogging my psyche.
2. once i have energy again, i am going to start packing away the things i can live without for the time being. books, tchotchkes etc. while doing that start yard sale bins because homeskillet needs to sell some stuff. especially after an overpriced and ineffectual visit to the doctor yesterday.
3. find a reasonably sized and priced storage unit to hold my many belongings since wherever i live i will have to get a storage unit. problem is, i'll need climate control and that ups the price.
4. i have to pull a scrounge effort for quarters because my whole house is bubonic and i'm flinching, and twitching 'til i can get it all washed. i've found 5, now i only need about 55 more. wish me luck.
5. all this planning and my energy has already petered out. wowsa. going to sign off for the time being and get some more rest.
adieu for now,


Susanne said...

what, no picture ? glad you are among the land of the living. Let me know if there is any precious things that I can store here. Love you honey .xxoo

lulu said...

sorry ma, i was tardy in adding the picture for yesterday. i'm still pretty out of it. love you!