Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the day after

1. i had a wonderful birthday. i got my first bday wish via text at 12:03 in the morning and by 5:30 i was getting a new message every few minutes. it was so lovely. sometimes i feel like people consider to be me a ridiculous person and don't take me very seriously but i was truly moved by so many people taking a few seconds out of their day to send me a message. i was kind of emotional all day in fact. it's moments like that when i remember how little it takes for one person to affect the other in a positive way. whenever i feel like sending an email and i don't because i'm just too lazy...i have to remember how good it felt to have people tell me they care. it probably felt 100 times bigger to me than it did to them to simply make the gesture. noted, folks. hope you noted that too.
2. not only did i get a neato jacket, a new piece of art, and a handbag but...drumroll please...i got bathtub crayons, two sets of dominoes, an elvis costello record, and some smell-good (coco madamoiselle)! oh and a ring that belonged to my grandma that is very pretty. i really miss that ole broad.
3. i have gotten a lot of enjoyable visits in with my friends and loved ones. it's good for the soul to get a good visit in with the people you really dig (and who actually dig you too). i've got a few more visits lined up this week too, actually just because we couldn't cram in all the proper visitin' time in the days i was off.
4. i got a new step-cousin yesterday. on a snowy tuesday in nashville, just like when i was born. his name is eli and was born one month early.
5. i haven't found one batch of tulips to get for myself yet. it's a thing i do every year since i was probably 15, but the crop this year has been rather pitiful. it's a bummer but, i will keep a-lookin. i am a sucker for those lovely flowers.
6. after all of this celebrating, i am looking forward to some quiet time at home (and maybe even some groceries)...i think i'll get to some of that next week some time. heh.
7. i am so happy to be where i am today. to be in a fine mood, to be having a decent hair day, to have a stinky little pup who loves me, to have wonderful parents and fabulous friends. i am so happy and it's taken a lot to get here.



Jenny Leigh D. said...

Hearing you're happy makes me happy!!! I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday. See you tomorrow!

Susanne said...

and the festivities are not over ! I am glad you had a great one honey. b is taking us out on friday as you well know. Our pastor is looking for a timpani drum set for a program on March 3rd. Do you know anyo;ne that has one we can borrow ? I am home today, feel sniffley,need coffee....