Friday, February 12, 2010

updates & rambles

how do mis amigos? me? i'm swell. eleven more hours of work for the week before i commit to fun and relaxation. i must say, i have birthdayed quite well this year; and though i haven't gotten to see all the people i have wanted to (because i am selfish and want to hang out with every person i can), i have gotten to spend some major quality time with a trove of lovely friends.

today has laid before me wintry rain and i want to be wearing my jammies and looking out the window of the shack all day. alas...

here are some updates that i realized i hadn't given to mi bloggyfriends lately.

1. i haven't done more than an iota of yoga since i made my resolution six weeks ago. that is on my list post-birthday week.

2. the bed gets made. maybe not every day but i have definitely been putting forth the effort, so thus far, that silly resolution has been maintained.

3. meditation has temporarily gone by the wayside due to a hectic schedule. i am not worried about picking that back up though because in a matter of weeks i will have nothing but time to focus on it.

4. spontaneous fulfillment of desire by deepak chopra is a dry, dry read and though the root of the subject is interesting, i have resigned to putting that book down for the second time. i wanted it to spontaneously fulfill my desire to be completed but apparantly it just doesn't work like that. ish. so now i am one book shy of my two books a month thing. but, as i mentioned, pretty soon i will have more than enough time to catch up. i just have to keep reminding myself not to buy new books. someone needs a new library card.

5. i am still in need of a new place to live as of the end of this month and have one place that i'm really interested in (going to check it out on monday). i hope it works out but i know the right situation will come forth if it's supposed to. *sigh* i do actually know that right?

i don't know if i have mentioned anything else over the past few weeks that needs to be updated. i ramble so very often. speaking of rambling, i am filled with this unusual combination of nerves, peace, energy, and lamaise. i keep dreaming of floods. last night was an amusing but odd dream and a little frightening too. the whole city was under several feet of water as if it were new orleans post-katrina. there was devestation, looting, houses raided and cars buried in eerily clear waters. what's even more odd is that it was not a bad dream. there were no dead, it was just super intense and i was on some kind of an adventure. i felt that odd combination of feelings i mentioned a moment ago and it has followed me throughout my waking life today. wowsa.

that is where i am today. a lunchables of moods. how delightful. heh.

adieu for now,

*today's pic: rain on the palms.

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