Wednesday, June 23, 2010

catchin' up

guten tag, campers. 'tis wednesday and i'm working within my new set time-frame for working on my interwebby stuff in the mornings. i have a tendency to kill time on the computadora instead of doing other things, like yoga; and that's not allowed.

last night i made vegetarian stroganoff (oh dear heavens it was good), and spent two hours in the storage unit pricing stuff for the yard sale. i came home and went to jump in the pool and the water was so cold! how is that possible?! it was soooo hot yesterday! so instead i bobbed in the tub and decompressed after a loong day (and i'm not going to beat myself up for not getting a swim in). then i cleaned the chateau for an hour and passed out.

last night i dreamed nonstop of trying to move to mississippi. constantly trying to overcome moving obstacles that would only be obstacles in my dreamland (such as carnies, bizarro planes, driving weird places with weird people and having to make chili dogs...ew). ha! regardless i woke up several times throughout the night but i don't feel that tired today. thank goodness. i am going to try to sneak in some yoga this morning too.
things are good, the yard sale is going to be filled with all kinds of cool (and pragmatic stuff too). i have soooo many decorative things, tchotchkes, mirrors, baby stuff, clothing, shoes, and baskets. tons of stuff. i'm a little overwhelmed actually. i'm going to be at the storage unit again tonight. it's a little creepy there by myself i must say and a little hard going through some of my grandma's things but oh well. it must be done!

well that's all for me at the moment. i met my time deadline and must get to gettin'.
adieu for now, lovies!

top picture: little mister won't go out in the mornings lately. he just sits there and stares at me for ten minutes until he decides to start running.
middle picture: tuesday morning sleepyhead.
bottom picture: little buddy running like mad on monday.

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