Wednesday, June 9, 2010

miercoles y suenos (with the little swirly thing over the "n")

oh for the love of...! no good rest last night either. what is going on with my dreams lately? i know not. but i have mississippi and his roomie who from this point on will be referred to as ch-choo, in town and that brings a smile to my face. i'm going to be seeing my bestie in less than 30 hours.
we didn't have family dinner last night which has left me feeling a little off-kilter but we'll make up for it when i get back from the city.
i do have a lot of things on my mind; some are heavy, some are exciting. mostly i feel like i need to make lists and need to get hugs from all the people that i love.
i have seven hours of work left before i can dive in the pool. i have a suitcase left to pack. i have wonderful people to hang out with at the chateau and i am remotely awake. it's a good day.
i hope your day is beautiful too friends. i promise i will post pictures from monday through today. i'm so slack lately. blaming on the yawning.
adieu for now,

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Susanne said...

Have a great time honey , sorry about family dinner , I just figured you needed time to pack and rest . We will resume next week ! Hugs and kisses.mama