Friday, June 18, 2010

a little more with it

guten tag, kiddies. 'tis friday and i'm all kinds of thrown-off having had my monday on wednesday. heh. that was a funny sentence. i'm sitting at the chateau with a vat of coffee, some sour blueberries, some bacon, and a glass filled with emergen-C. i had a good day yesterday. mississippi hung out with me at the shop while i did my thing. it was nice to every so often step back there and giggle about something silly with someone special. we also went to family dinner last night which was really chill and awesome. my favourite part was sitting outside next to the fountain and us all watching the lightning bugs. it made me a little sad that i didn't see any when i was in new york; but i'm an optimist and when i live there i will either start a lightning bug rescue and rehabilitation facility or i will have to take trips to the country at least once a week so that i feel sane. a country girl can survive...
today is work. today is pragmatic. i'm thinking of the last two major things i have to pay for (lady doctor & eye doctor) before i move. the dentistry is taken care of, thank goodness. i'm thinking of the yard sale. i even dreamed about making yard sale signs last night. mississippi and i had a brief toe in the water socially last night that has somehow managed to further push me into hermitude. i want to stay away and bob in the pool and plan and organize and clean. i hope that's what happens tonight and this weekend.
love to you friends! i must get ready for work now. i hope your friday is wonderful, lovies!!
wednesday's pic: erykah balu by the pool.
thursday's pic: comin' soon.

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Anachnoristic Outlook said...

haha, I love this picture :) <3