Monday, June 7, 2010

hearts & stars & four-leaf clovers

good morning friends. 'tis monday and my teeny weeny weekend was lovely and lazy. me and a gal pal bobbed around in the pool for about two hours and i spent a lot of time staring off into space after that. i haven't been sleeping so well lately therefore i'm (of course) a little sniffly as punishment. but oh well, i'll take-a my vitamins and down some emergen-C (with my coffee) and try not to breathe in too much airplane air on my flight to NYC on thursday. i'm beyond stoked to see my girl, my buddy cleeeef, and the slew of new people i'm going to meet. i'm looking forward to all the amazing things my girl has planned for us (she read the itinerary to me last night and it sounds PHENOMENAL); i'm also looking forward to scouting areas to live when my adventures take me up that way (hopefully in spring of '11).

i feel awesome about my future, the new exciting things blooming before me, the wonderful people that are being introduced to me, and that i'm up and about today living, breathing, and grateful. happy monday!!!

adieu for now,

sunday's pic: making sillies with my orange gnome. he seems uninterested to say the least.

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