Monday, June 14, 2010

city sunday funday

hey kiddies. 'tis monday. i realized last night i have a seven hour delay in atlanta when i fly home tomorrow so now i'm trying to figure out the logistics of renting a car in atlanta and driving back to tallahassee instead of flying. i'd still get there 3 hours before the plane would. hmmm...
i have the symphony of sirens outside the apartment this morning and a busy busy mind. i've had a nice time in new york. found new things to fall in love with here. but i'm ready to head home. weird dreams have me yearning for something familiar. even if it's just a tchotchke from the chateau. on today's agenda? q-time with a fascinating individual named phillibuster. i'm looking forward to what kinds of shenanigans we will find ourselves in when he swings by to get me in a couple of hours. at the moment though, the shower is the only shenanigan i have the energy to get into and from how delightful i smell right now, it's probably the best idea. sooo, on that note. i'm going to go get pretty and wait for mr. buster. i hope your monday is swingin' folks. i'll be seeing you southern belles & gents soon enough! enjoy some pictures from my sunday funday in the city.
adieu for now,

top: dirty martini & the new burlesque documentary screening.

middle: down by pier 6 on a hazy day

bottom: brooklyn heights. sittin' on a stoop.

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