Tuesday, June 22, 2010

list of me stuff

...because i feel like making one right now.
1. mr. bean makes me laugh ridiculously loud.
2. one day i hope to have a girl pet to keep seven company and name her vidalia.
3. i'm terribly intrigued by benjamin franklin.
4. i've never read the harry potter series, but i think the amusement park that just opened up is probably really fun. i would go in the winter.
5. i try to enjoy every season for what it is. i am enjoying summer and the fresh produce and pleasant swimming weather; but i honestly cannot wait for autumn. it's my favourite time of year.
6. i can literally spend several hours in a warm bath and do regularly.
7. i want to write children's books one day.
8. i'm going to try to swim every day (depending on the weather) until i move in august.
9. i'm thrilled about the concept of simplifying my life (hence the mondo yard sale). it's exciting.
10. i have always wanted to design and make furniture.
11. if i could live in a catalog, i would live in anthropologie.
12. i love classic espadrilles but have never owned a pair.
13. in case you couldn't tell from the button picture from the earlier post today, i love buddy holly and always have. npr did a thing on him a few months ago and played some of the recordings he did in his apartment shortly before he died. they were decades ahead of their time. so cool.
14. i still despise capers. i tried them in again in new york in a nice, little bistro in park slope. nope. still think they're gross. but at least i tried.
15. i'm not sure i will ever stop biting my nails...and that's okay. i gave up on the desire to be a hand model some time ago.

later, kiddos!


Susanne said...

I love your list , mine just says paint my toenails pale pink ! PINK RULES !!!!!

lulu said...

hahahahaha! and so does lavender these days...right mama?