Monday, June 7, 2010

end of the leash's been a good day. good at the shop, good at home. but i'm in a mood. you know the kind. i'm feeling all kinds of antsy and impatient and ready to pack up today and head out. like now. like yesterday. gypsy blood, y'know?! for crying out loud sometimes i feel so thrown away by this town. in reality i think i've thrown the majority away myself. i have about a dozen people other than my parents that i care to see. other than that i'm done. that has been made evident to me lately and it makes me sad (and angry sometimes) to acknowledge it.
i'm ready to go. all my bags are to speak.
that is all for now. i'm alright, just needed to vent.

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Susanne said...

Hey gurlie. Is it a bad week for family nite . If it is when can do when you get back . Let me know .... your everpresent and everlovin mama .