Friday, June 25, 2010

oi with the yard sale already!

for crying out loud! i was all organized and ready to do a catch up post today full of pictures of the past few days but as soon as i sat down at the computer this morning at the chateau...the interwebs went buh-bye. so here i am borrowing the shop's computer unable to post pictures. sorry guys, but i will have them soon.
i have been busy prepping for the ginormous yard sale all week. i can't believe how much stuff i am willing to get rid of. it feels awesome. i hope there's a decent turn out. i'm a little nervous i'm going to have to schlep all of this stuff off somewhere afterwards if there are no shoppers. fingers crossed that i can sell most of it because none of it is coming back home with me.
so the yard sale has had the awesome addition of my gal, tennessee who has brought with her unbelievable vintage clothes to sell. that exponentially ups the cool factor of the yard sale from "hey that's kinda cool" to "holy crap, that's cool!". i'm excited about that.
mississippi is heading over as i speak, ahem...type to help with all of the sale nonsense. i think i'm going to buy a few watermelons for us to enjoy under the tent tomorrow. yes i said tent. i have a big tent and clothes rack and mannequin and fans...ish kabibble) anyway, there's an old feller down the road that sells these watermelons and i look at him every morning thinking they look deeeelicious. and what says summer yard sale more than watermelon, i ask you?! heat stroke, maybe. heh.
well, i must be off kiddos. got a half day at work then i have a buttload of stuff to haul over the yard sale house. heeeeere we go! wish me luck and spread the word, btdubs. the addy for the yard sale is 1303 Ramsey Drive, 32312. laters!

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Susanne said...

Ok I am tired , I know you are too. B said Lydia's son ? son in law? was very nice to talk to. I am going to bed soon , good job sweets ! I love the gnome and tray !xxoo