Tuesday, June 1, 2010

she's baaaaaaack...

hello darlings. 'tis tuesday and i'm back from mississippi having had a really awesome weekend. i've returned to tally with a new perspective, a new inspiration, and a lot of plans. first of which, the epic yard sale is scheduled and is moving forward. i'm excited about it. it's the first step (getting rid of stuff) in making my life more simple and allowing me to move away from tallahassee which are two things i have been feeling a desire to do for about a decade. i've been feeling the tingle of change for quite some time, actually. my mom says i'm in the pre-sonic boom stage before a big change. i like that. i think it's very true.
staying put has been the right thing for the past few years. particularly after i lost my grandma two years ago. i've been biding my time, and trying to save money and now i have a decent cushion, a ton of ideas, and a lot of things are falling into place. i am feeling really good about it all.
things are happening and it makes me want to do a cartwheel, if i could do a cartwheel (which i can't); but i CAN do a somersault. maybe i'll do that instead. ha!
i hope you had a wonderful weekend, friends. stay tuned for some pictures from my awesome time with awesome people in mississippi and new orleans.
adieu for now,

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Susanne said...

I can't wait for the big garage sale myself ! xxoo