Thursday, June 17, 2010

thursday mcfuzzybrain

weeellllll, i'm back in the ole sunshine state folks. have been for a little over a day. i was so tired tuesday night that i sat in the tub staring at the wall until i fell asleep. last night mississippi came over and hung out with tennessee and twin. we swam, we cannonballed, we drank cheap beer, we ate pork chops and corn on the cob. all in all it was absolutely wonderful.

today i work. i got the bacon cooking, the coffee heating up, and am trying to remember where i put my debit card last night. heh.

tonight is family dinner. i'm looking forward to seeing the fam. we haven't had a regularly scheduled famdin in about two weeks.

ish kabibble. my head is a little fuzzy today; as if my brain rolled out of my noggin and rolled under the couch getting covered with mysterious miscellany and dust bunnies. i'm looking forward to some quiet in the near future. oh, and i have pictures for monday and tuesday but it will be a little while before i can get yesterday's picture posted.

i wish i was a bit more with it this morning but my mind is elsewhere. sorry! i have yard sale on the brain for sure. next weekend! i think mississippi and i are going to go to the storage unit and price stuff friday night (i know, sounds exciting right?!).

well, i reckon i should eat something and get ready for work. more posts of interest to come me-hopes.

adieu for now,


top pic: in the herb garden/patio at roberta's in brooklyn.

bottom pic: atlanta airport on tuesday.


Susanne said...

we enjoyed seeing you guys . Have a great day honey .xxoo

lulu said...

it was awesome mama! it was really nice to sit outside and with everyone and watch the lightning bugs. love yooooou!